Thursday, 10 December 2009

observing Christmas from a distance.....

Hello people,

Its been so long since I posted something, I cant even remember where I left off....yeah! its been that long! Life's been so hectic since summer holidays I just saw my days escape me by in a rush...most times I have to strain to remember which days it is today! I have no idea if its Monday or Tuesday??! Well yeah then came b'day parties, mild flus, exams and high fevers halting at what I have been silently counting under my breath...the HOLIDAYS!!! Ever since its like a switched just went off in me....I relaxed and exhaled..........

So here I am sharing with you my observations as I experience my second Christmas away from home in a foreign country. Although Malaysia is a multi cultured country with several religions, it maintains its religious festivities as widely as possible through out the country. Hoards of tourists from the Middle Eastern countries especially fill the bustling shopping centers. And then here I go mingling amongst these people and come across all these shiny glistening Christmas ornaments,the Christmas trees and all the decorative stuff that are put on for sale! Its such a delightful feeling!! Like children me and my sister walk through the stacks of Christmas decorations exclaiming how nice they are....and then what do we do? We say some excuse or other and buy them too! Now why do we make excuses? Cos we are not Christians or Roman Catholics, we are from a complete different religion and its taboo for us to celebrate these festivals! But we are still so attracted to the bright colours and glitter we buy them if only to just decorate our windows! Oh and we love the Christmas cookies, cakes and puddings too! We buy them too and look up cookie recipes too!! I call that being dusted with a foreign culture n tradition once you start living in a foreign country other than your own.

So before I sign off I shall share some photos from holidays during the month of July and August when I went home to Maldives and stopped over in neighbouring country Sri Lanka which to me is like a second home.

Thats all for now, I shall post more and upload more that I'm back!


  1. read your last post and i know that you will achieve what you seek through writing and sharing your thoughts and emotions. i wish you will bring yourself to write more each your old journal that still is the funniest original peice of heavy literature i've ever read! and i shall follow up;)