Sunday, 14 March 2010


Today I though about a childhood memory which I cherish very much. As kids we used to go on trips to other islands, as where I come from a country which is an archipelago of islands, this was very common. We go and swim in the crystal clear sea...jumping and crashing at each other, swallowing alot of sea water! The whole day we were in the sea or on the beach, our skin used to be burnt to dark brown and we loved to check on who had tanned the most. We would come out of the water ravenous with hunger and gobble alot of food and run back into the sea again.....then we return back to our home island...which was more or less like the city in our country....we would go to sleep in our beds exhausted from the day, our muscles completely stretched and worn out and then feel as if you hear the waves crash on the you slowly fall asleep. I'm sure many of my childhood friends would have the same memories. Those were innocent fun days! We didn't have technology like the generation now, we just had the sun, sea and the beach to play on and our best memories were spent like this, always on the outdoors.

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  1. Such beautiful memories...always treasure them, my friend!