Saturday, 13 June 2009

I got a text message...

Well yes, I got a text message from one of my bestest friends the other night, telling me she has been thinking alot about our long standing friendship and she realized that I am the only one who reads whatever she writes, I guess she meant her texts and maybe also her blog. Whatever it is, she wanted to thank me for this. Now in my foggy confused sleepy moment I replied a elaborate message about how much fun we always had and this word 'fun' is what we discovered together kind of bullshit.

Actually, its now that I am really thinking about our long standing 'friendship'. This friendship has weathered many storms together and each time been bounded by more strings than we can detach now. So I think it was not only the good times that kept us going,it was also the bad times that kept us going.

So I really want to dedicate this post to her and give her this message - We are friends because we understand each other very well and respect each other. I believe if we didnt have that we would have fallen apart by now. In life we make many friends but very few remain the same way towards you through the years, and these are friends you have bonded with many times over. We 'bonded' countlessly over many years, over several experiences. You cant break such bonds!


  1. Just one of the reasons why I love text messages - helps to keep people you care about in touch! You sound like you are a great friend.

  2. and my pal writes and writes and it was only last night that texting one another caused extreme confusion among the greatest of mates..i laughed as we finally located Ms Holly in a "coffin".

    the picture here shows youthful joyful faces i had long forgotten, there is nothing like friendship cos it last and lasts..and today again i send you much love all because we are friends..

  3. Isn't it funy that we both posted about friends???

    Loved this.....

  4. Like Vodka Mom, my dear friend, has written, we have posted about friendship; mine came the day after hers.....i liked this post also. And love your pictures...